list of color IDs list of color IDs
Hello there! My very first post here Smile

I'm completely new to all of this stuff so I'm not 100% certain this is the right category...

I'm thinking about starting a small project (web app or desktop app, I'm not sure yet) that involves LDraw files that should be able to be loaded into I've been looking into the file format and it seems pretty straight forward, however there's one thing I haven't been able to find yet, and that's a complete list of colors and their color IDs as they're used in

I've looked through a sample model I made to get a few color IDs, and checked if they matched the BrickLink Color Guide which unfortunately is not the case, so my question for you guys is: Is there a full list of colors (with their IDs) available somewhere?

Thanks in advance! If my project turns out to be as cool as I hope, I'll gladly share the progress on here with you guys Big Grin

EDIT: I did just find the Color Definitions page, but something tells me this is still missing some of the colors that uses. (I randomly ran into the color 10008 (Coral), which is not in the definitions page)
EDIT 2: Found the LDrawConfig file that is using, but I doubt that's their primary source of colors as it was last updated in 2013 according to the file itself
RE: list of color IDs
A good comparison of all the names and numbers can be found here:

LEGO ergo sum
RE: list of color IDs
To answer my own question, there's a file in Studio2.0/data/ called StudioColorDefinition.txt

That file contains everything I need! Hope someone else one day has the same question and runs into this post, I guess Smile
RE: list of color IDs
(2020-02-02, 21:16)Willy Tschager Wrote: A good comparison of all the names and numbers can be found here:

Oh wow, looks like we were writing an answer at the same time. This also looks like a great resource that I'll definitely be using in the future. Thanks a lot!
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