Castle torso patterns

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Castle torso patterns
Hello all,

I'm working on the 6 pattern torso (front & back) of Castle 2013-2014 serie. The think is, the 973p40 - 4z : Castle range of seems to be soon full (actually some torso of Castle Fantasy Era are missing too).
What range can I use ? It would be nice if the six new 973p4_ parts had a continuous range of part number  Blush

I wonder if the LDraw system could shift the pattern rule from BBBBBpCC to BBBBBpCCC (like 973p41 becomes 973p401 etc..) in order to allow more parts for each range (36 parts max to 99+ if using letters)
Just asking, I don't intend to do a revolution as I'm new in LDraw !  Big Grin

Thanks for your feedback.
RE: Castle torso patterns
(2020-01-04, 15:53)Yann Wrote: What range can I use ? 

You should send this question to Admin,
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