Trouble opening LDPE

Trouble opening LDPE
I created an issue for this at GitHub, but also posting here in case others have had similar trouble. I can't seem to get LDPE to open under MacOS 10.14.6; I keep getting the dreaded "unable to access jarfile" message.

I'm pretty sure I was able to launch the program when I first downloaded it a few months ago, but no longer. I tried reinstalling, and also the usual troubleshoots for the JAR file errorā€”reinstalling latest versions of JRE and JDK, checking the path to theĀ file in the shell script (I tried writing the absolute path into the script), even opening the JAR file directly with Jar, nothing works.

Any ideas? Did something change in Java/my system that broke the program? I've attached the error log to this post as well.

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