Minutes from the LDraw dicussions in Billund

Minutes from the LDraw dicussions in Billund
As promised, here are minutes from the informal discussions during the Billund meeting. Per our bylaws, in person meetings are always informal and no policy can be formally determined. Discussion on some of these topics has already begun here on the forum. If you see a topic that you wish to discuss further, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum.

 - Shift stuff that changes (like tutorials and third part software) to the wiki
 - Re-enable account requests to cut down on wiki spam (this is done)
 - The wiki is easy to edit for a reason. IF you find a topic that need work, edit it. We can always revert if it doesn't work. Be bold

LDraw.xml (for LDD)
 - Contact Silvan to mirror ldraw.xml on ldraw.org. Make is process automated

 - Make more moderators (this is done)

Main site
 - Change news to a "give back" (this is done)
 - Fix the images on the front page
 - Move tutorials to wiki

 - The held part backlog is a concern
 - Periodically have a "held parts" week where those who want to will focus on held parts
 - Shorten the time between a hold and when a part is open to everyone to edit to 3 weeks (instead of 3 months)
 - More clearly delineate when someone can become a part reviewer
 - Have a header edit admin and a parts release admin (could be the same person) to alleviate the amount of things Chris is responsible for.
 - Have an online parts validator (Santeri has this mostly complete)
 - Online multi word part search of both the PT and official library (this can probably be done from within the main site CMS)
 - Part review tutorial/checklist
 - What should cause a hold/warning?

 - Make plaques for the JJMA recipients who didn't get one (either ask Tim Courtney for design or take an existing plaque to a shop)

I may have left some stuff out. The others who were there can chime in. As a reminder, please start a separate thread for things you may wish to discuss.
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