Pattern Projection on a surface

Pattern Projection on a surface
I try to project a pattern on a surface using SlicerPro within LD Part Editor but I can't figure out how it works while it seems to me I follow the instructions.

In attachment to this thread you will find my file and I try to project the plan pattern on the red squares. So I select the whole pattern in a view, then I control click on a view set on Top, I open the tool SlicerPro and click on OK then a progress bar appear which goes quickly and nothing appear.

Could you please let me know what I am doing wrong?


.dat   11477pz1.dat (Size: 5.11 KB / Downloads: 3)
RE: Pattern Projection on a surface
To be honest I never use LDPartEditor version of SlicerPro, I instead use LDPatternCreator for that.
That said I don't understand why it doesn't work on your side, got no problem using the procedure you describe (which as far as I can tell is indeed exactly the method described in LDPE). See attached file (11477pz1ldpe).

Now the real problem... SlicerPro does a very bad triangulation job, as you can see on attached file if you look at it in random color mode. I'm afraid to be the culprit as I'm the initial author of slicerpro tool Wink (and I'm no such great programmer!)

In order to improve that, I imported your pattern in LDPC and manually retriangulated so that no cut needs to be done by slicerpro. As you can see the result is much better (11477pz1ldpc). You only need to add main subpart and condlines.

BTW, here is the procedure I used to retrieve your pattern in LDPC:
- file -> import from dat -> Project from top -> overwrite existing file -> select 11477pattern (I removed background as it needs to be re-triangulated anyway)
- Now import the top former shape (11477former): file -> import from dat -> Project from top -> overwrite and import projection data -> select 11477former. Note that actually no overwrite is done by this step!
- Rebuild background and split bottom arrow along projection data line.
- Export the pattern as dat.
LDPC file is also attached.

Attached Files
.dat   11477pz1ldpe.dat (Size: 33.56 KB / Downloads: 4)
.dat   11477pz1ldpc.dat (Size: 6.15 KB / Downloads: 3)
.dat   11477pattern.dat (Size: 1.8 KB / Downloads: 2)
.dat   11477former.dat (Size: 1.18 KB / Downloads: 3)
.lpc   11477pz1.lpc (Size: 18.68 KB / Downloads: 2)
RE: Pattern Projection on a surface
Many thanks Philippe! You did all the hard job Smile

But thanks a lot for the explanation it will help for next time!

I just posted the part on the PT
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