Jedi Hyper-Ring (75191)

Jedi Hyper-Ring (75191)
One of the LDraw projects I've been working on is a modular suite of Jedi Starfighters with Hyperdrive Booster Ring.  (As you can see over in my Gallery at BrickLink: )

I've come up with the variation of the Hyperdrive Ring (from official set 75191) that I like best, along with two variant "skins" (i.e.: paint schemes) for the ring, proper.  I've modified the external panels of the ring proper, along with adding in some inner panels to match.  I've also made some changes to the engines.  And I added a more stable "base" to the model.  

Now, I know the model still looks incomplete, because we don't yet have a DAT file for the stickers used for the engines' cylinders.  (Also, I made a substitution for the ships' insignia, just for the time being, until we get those stickers coded as well.)  

Still, I'm pleased with this model, and I wanted to share it with you all.  ;-)  


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