Submitting flexible part for Lsynth

Submitting flexible part for Lsynth
So I've just submitted this part to the parts tracker:

Since it is supposed to be a flexible part I would like to know how to make it a part of LSynth so it could be used as intended. It already consists of segments so I assume it would be possible to use it in a similar way as to '73590' and '758' (hose flexible)? I don't know the requirements for LSynth and if these pieces truly would work - I couldn't find a lot of the subject. I know that LDcad also have a function for making flexible parts but I don't know how that works or if it has special requirements for segments of flexible parts?

I would also like to know how to upload and number them as a coloured shortcut? I haven't been able to find any information of this in the FAQ. I see that the LDraw library has a lot of these shortcuts where certain parts coloured in their most common colours (or only colour in some instances). I think it would make sense for this part as it was only released in two colours and those colours can be difficult to determine by looking at pictures and illustrations of them. Maybe it sounds weird since I want them to be used via LSynth but as a reference I think it make sense.

As a last note: I initially made a much higher resolution version of the part but just two of them was in the same model (and were made transparent as they are in the sets they come from) LDview would begin to lag a lot. I therefore made it much lower resolution so there would a lot fewer polygons in the file. The performance of LDview though was increased significantly, though I'm not shure if they are too low resolution now? They do look a lot better in context (when they are attached to the hose joiners and made transparent) and they can still make LDview lag if there is too many of them in the same model.
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