Duplicated subfile?

Duplicated subfile?
Do anyone know, or remember why,  there are two different subfiles to 32086?

32086 use 32086s01.dat twice, in i mirrored position. 
32086ps1 use 551s01.dat once + two different pattern subfiles, 551ps1a and 551ps1b

I want to make 32086ps1 BFC compliant and correct other issues.
My idea is to change both parts, and replace 32086s01 with the content from 551s01. It's the better version.
And I want to inline the two pattern subiles and make them obsolete.

But how do I merge the History of the two subfiles, 32086s01 and 551s01?
What do I do of 551s01? Should it become obsolete too, or do I need to make it a Move to-file?
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