[LPub3D] Start page count at...

[LPub3D] Start page count at...
Hi Trevor,

I barely dare to ask another wish, but I think this one is not that complicated.
Forgive me if I am wrong.....

Can the page couter be made to start a certain number?
Sometimes building a large model requires to split the instructions in to more than one book (like LEGO does often)
I'd like to start the page number of the next book at the number where I left of in the previous book.

Sorry if I ask too much, but this is one thing I've been looking for long but forgot.
Jaco van der Molen
Re: [LPub3D] Start page count at...
Hi Jaco,

So can you formulate your idea into a use case ?

Re: [LPub3D] Start page count at...
OK, here is the scenario:

I have this large model with +1000 bricks.
The building instructions are +100 pages
The PDF produced is over 30 Mb. I want to reduce that.

What I do now is just split the PDF into say 3 files. I remove page 1-33, 34-66 and 67 to 100 and save those as

Now, I want to split this in to 3 "books".
So say original page 1-33 is book 1, 34-66 is book 2 and 66 to 100 is book 3.

What I don't want is to split my model in 3 but what I do want is to start the pages numbers for each book at 1 taking into account that each book has a front and backpage.
Or, like I stated in the original question I want to start the next book with the page number where book 1 ended but taking the front and backpage of each book in to account.

Writing this, I think my wish is too complicated and too much my own wish for my purpose.
So for now, never mind.
Since I have Acrobat Professional I can renumber my PDF manually for each file.
Thanks for taking interest.
Jaco van der Molen
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