Erroneuos Official Parts

Erroneuos Official Parts
When I recently recycled parts of an already official part I really did not check the dimensions or compatibility with the grid/studs.

I think we should collect them in a thread for a correction if the immediate attention is not possible.
Re: Erroneuos Official Parts > 87620 - Brick 2 x 2 Facet (corrected!)
87620 - Brick 2 x 2 Facet

- The gap for the stud at the 45° section is too narrow.


I increased the size a bit:
Re: Erroneuos Official Parts
Gerald, I remember the first part I ever made was a wedged piece that had stud notches like this. I remember looking through various similar files to see how others' did it and finding a wide variety of solutions and stud spacing used. As far as I could tell, the system was ad hoc with no clear, consistent way of doing things.

I thought about trying to go through and create a standard for this myself, but there are a LOT of parts that have these notches and it was a pretty daunting task, and didn't feel I was up for it. However, if you're looking for a long project to sink your teeth into, this would be a good one (and one which I would very much appreciate). I think coming up with useful and meaningful primitives would be the first step, and then going through the library and updating the parts would be the next. However, much easier said than done. Smile
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