Lego States Army - Hardware Lineup

Lego States Army - Hardware Lineup
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LS Army Hardware Lineup - March 2011 by GreenLead, on Flickr

A POV-Ray rendering of the current range of Vehicles and Equipment used by the fictitious Lego States Army of Alpha Company fame. Most of these models were originally built (with physical LEGO) by other FOLs from the US and Europe, who emailed me step-by-step photos so that I could recreate them in LDraw.

Listed below are the designations of each item (left to right), as well as FOLs who built the originals.

Back Row

M6 Crusader Heavy Armored Truck by Ralph Savelsberg
A HEMTT-style truck primarily used for battlefield logistics, but other interchangeable payload modules are planned, including those used in the MIM-104 Patriot SAM system.

Non-Line-Of-Sight Launch System by Robin Chang
Based on the real-life NLOS-LS proposed for the US Army and affectionately dubbed "death in a box" by some AC Forum members, this is a unattended SSM launch pallet. Give it a launch order with target information and attack profile, it does the rest. Troops can easily pop open the side panel and replace spent missile pods.

M3 Panther Fast Assault Jeep by Aleksander Engvoll
Essentially a futuristic humvee, but don't let the spartan armour and exposed top fool you. As the name suggests, importance was placed on speed and agility, making for a hard-to-hit weapons platform. Can be mounted with a wide range of weapons to support dismounted infantry.

M5 Gremlin MULE by Robin Chang
A fully-autonomous battlefield resupply robot armed with a .50 cal. HMG and TOW AT missiles for convoy protection duties. Can carry up to one metric ton of infantry ammunition and supplies.

Front Row

U62 Eveningstar MAV by Chandler Parker
Inspired by the Honeywell XM156 proposed for the cancelled US Army FCS program. Micro reconnaissance drone able to hover over high-risk areas for extended duration.

U9 Badger SUGV by Chandler Parker
Inspired by iRobot XM1216 SUGVs. Ground drones with a rudimentary AI that allows it to search for IEDs and booby traps on the battlefield, as well as infiltrating buildings to check for hostile before infantry enters. All models have developed child-like personalities due to unexplainable circumstances.

M4 Cobra Hoverbike by Chandler Parker
Hovering scout motorbike. The scout infantryman's assault rifle can be mounted on the side and remotely-fired for self-defense.

U57 Buzzard MAV by Chandler Parker
Inspired by the USMC Dragon Eye drones. Hand-launched and electric duct fan powered micro reconnaissance drone.

For those of you interested, I have available building Instructions for all the models shown, published as PDFs. They are free to download.

C&C welcome Smile
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