Unofficial LDraw skype Group

Unofficial LDraw skype Group
Hello everyone,

I've been looking deep into these forums and reading the legals and the organization lists and figuring out why on earth its been months if not years since a meaningful discussion on these forums.

As such, i am opening up a skype group for anyone who wishes to join in and have some fun.

My goals here are to engage the LDraw community and find meaningful ways to help out anyone and everyone, become a member of the board and find ways to improve, excite, and expand the community so more can enjoy a simply amazing way to play Legos!

To find the skype group, just click the group below (remove the "*'s"


If there is an existing group i would be happy to join there, but i've not seen one here so ill just create one now Smile
welcome to LDRAW
Hello Michael,

welcome to the LDRAW community, and I hope you will have a lot of fun.
However, your impression that the forum discussions are meaningless is wrong.
LDRAW offers many things to do - you can author parts, build models, discuss technical issues, create images,
or whatever else you can imagine. All of us here have a real life and things to do and care about.
LDRAW is only a hobby, and people freely decide on their own when and where to spend their free time on that.
As you can see on the Parts Tracker, the community
is quite very alive and productive. Discussions in the forum are just one of the many possible activities.

Have fun
Re: welcome to LDRAW
Sorry not saying that the forums are useless, but there is a serious lack of community involved on these forums, and in the draw group in general.

Just as instances, it's been 3 months since the last announcement, it's been a year since the last update, and it took you 2 days to reply to this forum topic.

Now of course I am not trying to offend this community, and what I just said was very offensive, and I of course understand that the members here have real lives to carry out and I am just one member.

The skype group is just one way I want to help expand, excite, and improve the forums, by adding more activity. I am not saying there is no activity on the forums, I just want to add another venue to the forums, and perhaps do a few community projects, contests perhaps, I have some pull on other video games as a developer that might spencer a copy of their games?

Re: welcome to LDRAW
Part of the problem is that I'm the chief LDraw evangelist at fan conventions here in the US and I've had exactly zero time to attend a con in 5 years. Less publicity = less new people.
Re: welcome to LDRAW
Any suggestions? Perhaps a few other Lego groups would be interested if we posted a rendering on their website?
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