brick snapping

brick snapping
Is there a general-purpose brick-snapping algorithm published anywhere?

I have some ideas around computer-generated LEGO models, and things would be much easier if I didn't have to figure it out myself.

Re: brick snapping
Currently there are four programs using some sort of snapping I know of, namely:


But they all do boil down to location definitions coupled with some sort of label (grouping) in order to match male/female pairs.

Only exception is my own LDCad, Smile, as that one uses the above method only as a fallback. I mainly try to describe general shapes (pen and holes) snap information wise.

As for implementing the data into a program it's basically about some frustum culling combined with matching rules etc.

If you search through the older posts on this forum you should be able to find some information about SR3DBuilder's format/methods written by its late author Sergio.
The spec for my LDCad's meta's is on my site.
And the author of MocBuilder wrote some documentation on his method also findable in the forum I think.
Re: brick snapping
There has been a lenghty discusion about:

And the current LSB - LDraw Standards Board should work on the specs, but nothing has happened so far.

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Re: brick snapping
OK, sounds like I may want to wait until the standards board comes up with something... I'm not in any hurry. Is there a mailing list or something for standards board news?
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