Road base support

Road base support
I'm using Mike Gallagher's SNOT roads for my town model.

One problem that exists is that the road base is hovering 18 LDU above the baseplate the road is attached to. I need something that is 18 LDU tall and can be used to prop up the road base.

Any ideas? The only thing I've been able to come up with so far is part 2555.dat. It is sort of small and rare so I'm not sure it's a goo choice.

Re: Road base support
What do you need the support for? If it's just to make sure the road doesn't collapse when you place vehicles on it then I'd go with a plate and a tile. Yes, that's 16, not 18, but the difference is less than 1mm. It means your road could be pushed down less than 1mm before hitting your support. I'd say that'll work in the real world.
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