Pirates and belt buckles

Pirates and belt buckles
I've started reworking the parts listed in this thread. They all use the old method of creating blended/dithered colour. Colours that are not present in ldconfig.ldr.

In that list are most of the old pirates. I have asked about them before

973p30.dat Minifig Torso with Pirate Purple Vest and Anchor Tattoo Pattern
973p31.dat Minifig Torso with Pirate Stripes Pattern (Red/Cream)
973p32.dat Minifig Torso with Pirate Stripes Pattern (Blue/Cream)
973p33.dat Minifig Torso with Pirate Stripes Pattern (Red/Black)
973p34.dat Minifig Torso with Open Jacket over Striped Vest Pattern
973p36.dat Minifig Torso with Pirate Captain Pattern
973p3b.dat Minifig Torso with Brown Vest, Ascot and Belt Pattern
973p3e.dat Minifig Torso with Pirate Stripes Pattern (Blue/White) discussed here

Is this all? Or, how many is missing?
How about the one with a black belt buckle?

The belt buckle should be changed to the obvious Metallic Gold (82), but how about the belt?
Many use the dithered code 486, but not all.
Do they all have the same shade of brown colour, but printed on different brick colour, hence looking different?

What is the best brown to use?
I used a rgb colour in 973p34.dat, A5832F created by ColourSum.
I now want to give them all the same colour and use the nearest one, as suggested by ColourSum, Fabuland Brown (450).

The striped pirates should use, as the description says, "cream". They use code 495, which in Electric Contact Copper. Must be changed.
We don't have anything close to "cream". The closest I can find is Light Flesh (78). Would that be OK?


Is code 450 (Fabuland Brown) OK as colour on the leather belts?
Is code 78 (Light Flesh) OK as colour on the 'cream' stripes?
Re: Pirates and belt buckles
I don't understand the desire to match pattern paint colours to the nearest part colour in ldconfig. Why not use direct colours: RGB values of the form 0x2RRGGBB, where RRGGBB is the exact RGB value in hexadecimal notation.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
Re: Pirates and belt buckles
Yes, finding the same colour again turned out a bit more difficult than expected.
It turns out that you can't use the RGB values of todays ldconfig to recreate a new code for the same colour that a ditherd code represents.
I had to use the original RGB values found here


As a result of that I desided to abandon the old code, and started looking att pictures of real parts.

[Image: use1.jpg]

This is one of the best I could find. IMO, 484, Dark Orange, gives the best overall result.
Maybe the one with blue jacket and the one with a brown vest should have a darker shade of brown.
Any suggestions?

All of the torsos with brown belts used the same dithered code, 486.
The brown vest used dithered code 358, which is a mix of brown (6) and brown (6) and doesn't make sense.
If you blend brown with brown the resulting colour must be brown too.....
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