This is something separate?

This is something separate?
I'm new.
So let me ask a new question: LDRAW is different from LDD (Lego Digital Designer 4.3.8?) If it is can I import/export betatween the two. Believe me it was awhile, before I suspected that perhaps I wasn't in Lego-Land. Or am I?
Thanks to all,
Re: This is something separate?
Hi and welcome.

LDD is a LEGO developed application whereas LDRraw is an all volunteer, LEGO fan maintained system that allows LEGO related building on your computer. We are completely unofficial and not sponsored by LEGO in anyway. There is a way to import between the two, please search the forum as there are several topic on this. Note that LDD tends to be restricted to only those parts the LEGO is currently producing where LDraw has a much broader selection of part.
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