LDraw IRC channel

LDraw IRC channel
Would there be any interest in having an LDraw IRC channel?

I found one Tim created a long time ago but it's long dead.

I can see the potential for more in-depth discussions between LDraw software developers/users and discussions among PT admins about specific parts.

A real-time discussion format would allow for a higher level of discourse that would not be otherwise happen due to the long delays between post/read times between LDraw users.

There is also the disadvantage of these communications not being logged and thus matters discussed would not be on public record for reference by those who come after. Although a bot could easily log the public channel and publish it someplace, private discussions between two people would be nowhere to be found, and so it would not be ideal. For instance, I like how the LSC has done everything publicly so I was able to catch up on what I missed, if some of the debates had happened over IRC, I might not have been able to understand why some decisions were made because I could not find record of them, so we as a community would need to be careful about what discussions we have on IRC and publish transcripts of them if something noteworthy was concluded.

Just thought I'd throw the idea out there.
Re: LDraw IRC channel
I'd like to point out that, while useful, IRC is fairly deep into computer power user territory. I'd rather keep all discussions here so that 5 years from now, new faces can figure out what us old timers were thinking.
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