Backwards stickers

Backwards stickers
I've been using LDraw for a good number of years, but I've never done much with stickers before. The one time I did use one it came out backwards and I just assumed something was wrong with that sticker so I flipped it over.

Now I'm working on something which will likely use a lot of stickers and the first sticker I placed (not the one I used previously) exhibited the same problem, so I added about 20 more and they all behave the same way.

To be clear: I place the sticker against (or a fraction in front of) a brick. Both MLCad and LDView correctly show the front face of the sticker. But a POV-Ray render shows the empty back face of the sticker. If I flip the sticker 180deg then POV-Ray now renders it correctly, but I'm now only seeing the back face in MLCad and LDView.

Is this just a bug in LDView's .pov export? or is there an incorrect setting buried in a file somewhere that is affecting these? I can live with flipping them, but it would be nice to be able to see them properly in MLCad/LDView as well as POV-Ray without having to write a script to auto-flip them all for POV-Ray.
Re: Backwards stickers
Maybe it is just a problem with the seam (gap) width? A sticker is just 0.25 LDU and I'm not sure what happens with when using a seam of 0.5 LDU...

Re: Backwards stickers

Glad I asked now, because I'd probably never have spotted that cause. It didn't help much that my first series of tests were using stickers with patterns and no writing, so I hadn't noticed that the 180deg flip was also making the sticker appear mirrored.

Lowering it to 0.25 or below fixed the problem. Actually 0.24 in order to eliminate the errors.

Now that I know it's to do with seams a new search of the LDraw forums now turns up something whereas it didn't on my previous searches.

For anyone else who finds this on a future search, read this:
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