Finishing the Crane Arms - 2350/a/b/c/d

Finishing the Crane Arms - 2350/a/b/c/d
The simple addition of the wide version of the 2350 turned out to be a lot trickier than thought, especially due to wrong information also being present on both Peeron and Bricklink.

Now after previously sifting already through building instructions, pictures etc. I sketched a little family-tree of the said part and what in my opinion needs to be done to get them all into a proper released status. (Click on the pic to get a larger version)

[Image: 2350historys.png]

There are now three new subfiles:
- (2350s01.dat) The base
- (2350s02.dat) The narrow beam without sides
- (2350s03.dat) The side pattern

Now what to do:
  • The original part, 2350.dat, was moved to 2350a.dat. However this part is not existing in its unprinted form. But for the sake of compatibility to older digital MOCs it still needs to be kept as 2350a. But it shoul d look like the original 2350.dat. 2350a was last edited by Steffen.
  • 2350ap01.dat is on the PT, using the available sub-files, no action necessary.
  • 2350b.dat, the one using this name right now is the wide version, which in fact is actually the 3rd version of this part. Therefore it should be renamed to 2350c.dat (2350b was last edited by me) The real 2350b needs to be created (will look like the current 2350a)
  • 2350bp01.dat is not the PT at the moment, should be made available using the subfiles
    - Create the part (I will do so)
  • 2350c.dat, the one on the PT is the 4th iteration of this part, rightfully it should be 2350d.dat 2350c was last edited by Magnus.
  • 2350d.dat, not yet existing, proposal to use the code from the current 2350c.dat

Who will do what?
Pending some approval form the involved parties regarding the numbering we could either
- have the files renamed by admin edit
- or I could just edit the available files and move the code into the corresponding files

1.) move code of 2350c to 2350d
2.) move code of 2350b to 2350c
3.) create 2350b
4.) create 2350bp01
5.) change 2350a to use sub-files and get the 16th stud.

My only concern is that many people have touched some of those files, there are not many left for certification :-)


Re: Finishing the Crane Arms - 2350/a/b/c/d
Hi Gerald,

Impressive work. As far as I can tell, I think you are right. Please, feel free and change the content of any file of mine.
As you say, it is better to have one author do all the changes, and the rest of us can do the review.
I'm sure Steffen will say the same.
Re: Finishing the Crane Arms - 2350/a/b/c/d
I fully agree and will cert as soon as you raise your flag "finished!" here.

With using what tooling did you create the above beautiful graphics?
Re: Finishing the Crane Arms - 2350/a/b/c/d
Alright, I re-submitted all of them. I tuned the description a bit, I hope it fits.

The family-tree was made with good old Powerpoint. I am sure there needs to be a better tool to make such things as the wide lines involve a lot of manual work.
Re: Finishing the Crane Arms - 2350/a/b/c/d
IMO, I think we should also create 2350cd01.dat.
A shortcut with the striped stickers attached to the beam.
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