Changes to the Standards Board (formerly Committee) Charter

Changes to the Standards Board (formerly Committee) Charter
The Steering Committee has approved the following changes to the Standards Board (formerly Committee) Charter:
  • Change LDraw Standards Committee (LSC) to LDraw Standards Board (LSB) throughout the document
  • Procedures - Remove the bullet point "Procedure for filling an early vacancy of a member"
  • Voting - Delete
  • Membership - Membership of the LSB shall have a minimum of 3 people. The Steering Committee (SteerCo) can add or remove members when needed or remove a vacant seat if desired. There is no incompatibility for serving in both bodies the SteerCo and LSB. One seat is reserved for a current LDraw Library Administrator. If there is more than one LDraw Library Administrator then the LDraw Library Administrators will self select a member to represent them on the LSB. The other vacant seats will be appointed by the SteerCo following a public call for volunteers.
  • Terms - Members will be appointed to one year terms. Should a member desire to leave before their term is up then the SteerCo will appoint a new member to fill out the remainder of the term. Each LSB member seat will be formally replaced, reappointed, or removed (provided the minimum membership is met) via public forum when the term for that seat has expired. The normal term expiration date will be 1 month after the inauguration of the currently sitting SteerCo. In the event that the SteerCo fails to appoint new members within 1 month of its inauguration, the sitting LSB will continue in its role until such time as new appointments are made.
  • Nominations - Delete
  • Elections - Delete
  • Inauguration - Newly appointed members of the LSB will take office effective immediately.
  • Recurring Dates - Delete
  • Glossary - Change Standards Board (LSB) definition to "
    Group of parts authors, Parts Tracker reviewers, or LDraw-compatible software authors appointed by the Steering Committee to ratify and publish the Official File Format Spec.".

As always the full text of the LSB Charter can be found here:

A call for LSB volunteers will be made after the new Draw Steering Committee is seated.
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