Part preview in the tracker

Part preview in the tracker

I would love to get a part preview on tracker's activity list, and on tracker's searches results.

What does people think about it?
Maybe it could be an option that users could choose to active or not.
Re: Part preview in the tracker
I'm not sure I understand. Please explain further what you mean by 'part preview'.

Do you mean a [DAT] hyperlink on each row on the Parts Tracker Activity Log page?

It does already exist on the Parts Tracker File Scan page, or do you mean the Unofficial Parts List page?
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
Re: Part preview in the tracker
As far as I understand he would like to have some pictures on this page:
I'm not against this, but I would really prefer a possibility to switch this of, cause it's just eat traffic, when your online with a mobile phone or any other slow internet connection.

Re: Part preview in the tracker
Yes, pictures!

As an option of course, but I thnink it can make browsing the tracker more visual.
Re: Part preview in the tracker
well, to keep the tabular layout, the pictures would need to be quite small, that would make them very difficult to look at.
maybe a user can choose the dimension of these pictures in his preferences?
I think a hardcoded 16x16 would be unsatisfying for all.
But maybe 48x48 would be too large for some people.
I sometimes would like these pictures as well.
But MUCH more I would like to see BRIGL being used at a part's page on the PT, e.g.
on page
it would like to see the image at the right
be replaced by a BRIGL rendered instance.
Re: Part preview in the tracker
Maybe pictures are not the only solution, maybe popups could also be nice so that the layout is not changing much.

I don't know what would be the best, but it would be much easier to browse the tracker with visuals, than with decription only.

Of course BRIGL instead of Pictures would be the best.

The idea is also to make the tracker a bit more user friendly and attractive for new commers and also a bit more modern (that's my opinion of course).
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