READ ME FIRST - Part Request guidelines

READ ME FIRST - Part Request guidelines
The following guidelines are in place concerning the requesting of parts:

Research the part you want
  • Look up the part at Rebrickable and Bricklink for the part number/description.
  • Do a search of the Official Library and Parts Tracker to see if the part you want already exists.
  • Some parts have been released in digital form by LEGO (e.g. LDD, Unity). Please search this page for the part number. The part is available in raw, unprocessed LDraw format if there is a "DAT" link at the end of the line for the part number. If the line is green or yellow, it's already official or on the Parts Tracker and you may have missed it when searching above.
  • Printed part codes (the suffix after the part number, e.g. p0004, pb004) do not match between reference sites. Keep this in mind when you are searching.

Other Information
  • is a loosely run, volunteer only project.  This means that while our parts authors are very competent, they have real lives and real commitments that must come before this project.  This also means that the part you request may take a while to be created (read months, not days) especially if the part is large and/or complex
  • Please consider authoring the part yourself, especially if you are under some kind of time constraint.
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