LDCad - Very Strange Rotation Bug!

LDCad - Very Strange Rotation Bug!
I've encountered a very strange bug in LDCad. First, a picture:

[Image: UbWt0pv.png]

See the piece I have selected? It got shorter! This happened when I rotated the piece along its long axis. As I did this I could see the piece shrink in length!

I'm not sure exactly how to replicate the bug but it has happened on more than one occasion with other pieces as well. It seems to have something to do with different grid orientations and hiding of pieces. Unhiding everything fixed the problem (although the warped piece remained warped. At this moment that's the most information I can give.

Very wierd.
Re: LDCad - Very Strange Rotation Bug!
Very weird indeed,

Only reason I can think of is rounding errors in the rotation matrix, but it will be very hard to find without reproduction steps.

How does ending ghosting improve things? Because ghosting it self doesn't influence matrices but it does trigger some re prepping which might indirectly reset things.

Thanks for reporting I'll be looking into this.
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