Brick underside naming scheme

Brick underside naming scheme
Because it was pointed out, we have to agree on a scheme for the different underside variants. I want to discuss this here instead in the part tracker for a specific part:

some examples
-> description if there are variants available (stuff in brackets only optional if needed) * for currently used variant

3678a, 772, 3066
-> with Hollow Bottom
-> without (Centre) Bottom Stud(s)*

3794a, 3023, 3245a
-> with Bottom Stud(s)
-> with Bottom Cylinder(s)
-> with Closed Bottom Tube(s)

3678b, 3049a
-> with (Centre) Bottom Tube(s)*
-> with (Centre) Open Bottom Tube(s)

-> with Inside Axle Holder*
-> with Bottom Axle Holder

4460a (on the right: )
-> with Bottom Triangular Brackets
-> with Bottom Triangular Inverted Stud(s)

15573 (on the left: )
-> with Bottom Triangular Based Brackets
-> with Bottom Triangular Based Inverted Stud(s)
-> without Understud*

not created atm (in the middle: )
-> with Bottom Teeth Brackets
-> with Bottom Teeth Inverted Stud(s)

Imho the last three shouldn't be created if any other version already exists for a specific part. But if one is created one should be picked which is available for the part. So 15573 with "Teeth Brackets" or "Triangular Brackets" would be invalid (at the moment)

All are just suggestions - but I hope we can agree on some wording.
Re: Brick underside naming scheme
hmm no other opinion? :-(
Re: Brick underside naming scheme
I for one would appreciate a clear scheme, I've noticed using the wrong ones myself multiple times.

Maybe using keywords instead of rather long descriptions is (also) an option?
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