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3741 Plant Flower Stem
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This is not directly a part request- more a request for a clarification of this issue:

I find 3741 Plant Flower Stem as 3741A.DAT, but no 3741B.DAT or so in the library. There is also no other version existing in real life. And there is 3741.DAT which seems to be obsolete (it also in the part name). But why is this obsolete part still existing?
And in all models where I used 3741.DAT this remains this version. But I think when there is only one real life version this should be used.
Short: Shouldn't  the obsolete shape replaced with the actual one?. This would mean deleting 3741.DAT and renaming 3741A.DAT to 3741.DAT.
Why has this not happend? Is there a good reason?
When modeling official sets, should then always the 3741A.DAT be used?

Hope this can cleared up
Re: 3741 Plant Flower Stem
If you open the files, you'll see the reason in comments: 3741 had wrong dimensions so it needed an update. But since it was an official part, an update would break people's models. Hence the "obsoletisation" of 3741 (that remains for old models) and creation of 3741a, geometrically correct.
Re: 3741 Plant Flower Stem
Maybe I can clearify Smile

First there was a part 142.dat - Plant Flower Stem

Then the right name was found 3741.dat. So 142.dat is now a "~Moved to" file with reference to 3741.dat.

Then we discovered the correct shape of that part with different angles for the flower bars.

If we make just a "~Moved to" or simply adjust the shape all flowers in all models in the world are not in place.

So we decided to create a 3741a.dat and just tell the user that 3741.dat is obsolate.

This has been done for backwards compatibility.

I hope I remember all things correctly Smile
Re: 3741 Plant Flower Stem
Seems that my mind still works Smile - Same explanation from your side Smile
Re: 3741 Plant Flower Stem
After thinking about it, i saw it, too:The problem with the flower position (model breaking) is indeed the reason. Right now perfectionism fights against laziness ... replace all plants and correct the flower or just let them be like they are and use in future the right one....
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