Solved Crane Grab Jaws Open

Crane Grab Jaws Open
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I just saw at
that our part 3493.dat should be maybe 3489 and 3492.dat maybe 3490.

I do not believe that the shape from 3489 is correct, because I am wonderin how this should be put to 3490 if both holes are closed!

Any ideas?
Re: Crane Grab Jaws Open
You're right. There is no such part as 3492 or 3493. 3492 should be renamed 3490, 3493 should be renamed 3489.
Complete assembly is 75172, and it seems that spring (our part 519) is 70181, the same as in the 4518 forklift arm assembly.
Re: Crane Grab Jaws Open
I have send the PT Admin a note about our findings.
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