LDPatternCreator - (Bug-Fix) Release 1.5.1

LDPatternCreator - (Bug-Fix) Release 1.5.1
Good morning,

Here is a fresh LPC 1.5.1 release with more features and less bugs Wink

Change log:

New features:
  • The usability of the image, view-preferences and colour forms is improved.
  • SlicerPro is now used for slicing
  • You can update the program by clicking on "Help -> Install Updates". A internet connection is required to update the program.

Fixed bugs from 1.5.0 and older:
  • Fixed an error within the template editor (occurs on renaming).
  • Fixed several translation errors and improved the French translation (thanks J.C. Tchang!)
  • ...and a few other small bugs.

As always, I included a short readme.htm in the installation directory.

Cheers & Leg Godt

Re: LDPatternCreator - (Bug-Fix) Release 1.5.1
Installed now...
Nils, I'm trying to create 3D template using a .dat file (File / projection data -> template), but nothing happens. According to JC tutorial, I should get a "_New_Template_1.txt" file in my template folder, but nothing there. I made this try on an XP machine, so I shouldn't have UAC issues, should I?
Template Creation Fails
Hi Philo,

I spotted two root causes which are independent from possible UAC issues:

- 1. [Since 1.5.0] The template will not be created if the user had drawn any reference lines before (the projection shape has already its orange-brown colour) (I can fix this)

- 2. [Since 1.4.7] The template will not be created if there is no projection shape. This is a misfeature, too. The user should be able to create a template which contains only helper lines. As a result, the user can edit this template later.

edit: I said "helper lines" before. I meant "reference lines".
Re: Template Creation Fails
Mmmhhh... not sure to understand what you mean. ("helper lines"?)
(edit) OHhhh "addd reference line"! I missed that! Great feature!!!
What I did is:
- start LPC
- import a simple shape (1-4cylh.dat), projection on XY-plane from front. I can see the triangles and vertices.
- try to create template from this, using projection data -> template
...but no template is created Sad
Re: Template Creation Fails
Unfortunately, it is not possible to create templates from pure triangles.

You can build a template with subparts, primitives, reference lines, text and projections instead.
Re: Template Creation Fails
Got it! It's just plain stupidity - when importing the dat file, I made a simple import, not an import with projection data! So of course it didn't work. Let's say that a message telling that there is no projection data when trying to export template would be helpful Wink
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