LS Armed Forces CMH-10 Hoversled AGV

LS Armed Forces CMH-10 Hoversled AGV
[Image: 6251817910_1a2733998f_z.jpg]
LS Armed Forces CMH-10 Hoversled AGV [1] by GreenLead, on Flickr

[Image: 6251817654_1e75e70ac8_z.jpg]
LS Armed Forces CMH-10 Hoversled AGV [2] by GreenLead, on Flickr

The CMH-10 Hoversled AGV is a family of automated guided transports used by all three branches of the LS Armed Forces in moving up to 2000 kg of ordnance, equipment and spare parts between logistics storage bays and vehicle maintenance areas.

A spin off of the highly-successful M4 Cobra Repulsorlift Hoverbikes used for Infantry Reconnaissance, the CMH-10 series shares the same non-contact levitation and propulsion technology as its older cousin, although the AGV is limited to a top speed of 20 km/h.

Power to the repulsorlift coils are provided by an onboard lightweight Lithium-ion battery bank. Replenishment options include either continuous induction charging via electromagnetic coils embedded within land-based hangar floors / aircraft carrier decks, or direct connection to "Workshop Waldos" when the former is unavailable.

Whilst certainly capable of fully autonomous networked operation, DoD regulations require manual handling for more delicate tasks like munitions or personnel transport.

Part of the Prometheus canon.

Based on an official Alpha Company Forums LEGO Military MOC Community model (Robin "GreenLead" Chang)

Author's note: I've attached files of the Driver Pod, Cargo and Passenger variants for everyone's enjoyment. A forklift variant is in the works.

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.ldr   CMH-10_Hoversled_Passenger.ldr (Size: 2.91 KB / Downloads: 7)
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