Hello everybody.

A quick message to tell you that I've released the version 1.7 of BlueBrick.
You can download it at the usual place:

One major improvement is the edition of the Flex Track and, when exported in LDRaw format (Thanks to Philo for the Flex Track LDraw parts), to my knowledge, this is the easiest way nowadays to create a LDraw train circuit with flex track in it.

In details, it contains 12 bug fix (including 3 crash bugs) and all these new features:
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): support Flex PF track.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): The application may support dynamically language addition/removal (dll and chm file inside the folder).
- NEW FEATURE (Denis): Feature to search and replace a set of brick type by another one.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): The connection points are now configurable and extendable in an XML file.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): Display the general info on top of the map (this can be disabled in the option settings).
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): Display the mouse coordinates in stud in the status bar
- NEW FEATURE (Larry): Display the XML exception when BB cannot load XML files.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): Add the polarity check for detecting electric shortcut.
- NEW FEATURE (cimddwc): Add the transparency for all the layers (and not only the Area layer)
- NEW FEATURE (Larry): Save the export image settings in the BBM file.
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): You can group/ungroup hierarchically parts and texts.
- NEW FEATURE (Larry): You can create XML files that are actually groups of parts and see them in the Library
- NEW FEATURE (Alban): New secondary zooming/panning method much easier for laptop, that replace CTRL+SHIFT+LMB and ALT+SHIFT+LMB. Now it is SHIFT+LMB and SHIFT+RMB. Mouse Wheel still supported.


Any problem, any bug, please report it.
Thanks in advance.
Re: BlueBrick
Great tool... Thanks for sharing the link of Blue Brick. Keep updating.
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