DesignID, ItemID or partnumber ?

Re: DesignID, ItemID or partnumber ?
Given that the alias list is likely to easily be 100+ times as big as the other stuff we suggested for LDConfig.xml, I think it would be much better to have any such alias list kept in a separate file. Also, I'm not so sure that XML is a good idea for an alias list file. Yes, it is a standard format, but in this case it seems like the XML would introduce a huge amount of bloat. To me, a SQLite database would make sense here, but I'm hesitant to suggest a proprietary binary format, even if it is the standard format for a cross-platform open source software product. (The fact that I work for one of the companies on the SQLite Consortium probably also biases me, but SQLite would provide fast, cross-platform alias lookups. For that matter, such a database could contain all the info in parts.lst as well, and could be used for any kind of indexing information that we want provide fast access to for software programs.)
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