OpengGL color / material properties

Re: OpengGL color / material properties
this brings me to the question/suggestion if we should add more colors to our LDConfig.ldr,
allowing to use different ones for normal plastic and the slope's more rough material.......

Just some thinking:

Extending our syntax by introducine new line types (like "6" for example) would require
to modify all parsers of all tools. So this probably is not the way to go.

However, our ldconfig.ldr still has plenty of room for new colors, and we already have "rubber", "metal", "lacquered" there,
I really would love to see "rough slope surface" in addition there as well.

We currently use the special syntax
for specifying a custom RGB color.

We could use the
prefix for the rough slopes surface.
I would like to use corresponding color numbers here, thus, if "15" is white, then "white rough surface" would be
(remember that 0x switches into hex mode).
Analogously, if
0x02RRGGBB is some color, then
0x03RRGGBB would be the same color, but with a "rough" surface texture for slopes.

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