OpengGL color / material properties

Re: OpengGL color / material properties
Ben Supnik Wrote:1. I don't think the slope bricks actually notate their angled side as smooth and the flat sides as rough. (Is there a tag or meta data I don't know about here?)

2. Most of the time the 'grain' of the bump mapping will be much smaller than screen pixels, so to look good the bump mapping scheme and specular lighting equation have to minify. LEAN mapping ( is a good candidate here - it copes with mipmapping nicely and for a few 'reference' materials, the extra VRAM costs are quite affordable.

There are no meta's for individual surfaces unless they use a different color code, only indication might be the part author comments.

But I was planning to use bump mapping only for the rough material classes used in ldconfig, and only at very close distances (zoom factors).
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