The Case for Underside Fillet Primitives

Re: The Case for Underside Fillet Primitives
OK, so after some consideration, I think I've reached a compromise solution: 3 types of fillet primitives. There will be one stud to stud fillet, and two stud to wall fillets: a fillet attached to one "side wall" and a fillet attached to two "corner walls". I've attached an update 4x6 with the reinforced fillets to this post, and will post the plain ones shortly (can't post them all at once due to forum restrictions). Also note: I've re-worked the reinforced fillets per Magnus's observations (this is something I had failed to consider while creating these, although I should have. Have patience, I'm still learning). they should now "connect" properly with studs.

Let me know what you think. If you guys are ok with this, I'll go ahead and put them on the PT along with the updated part files, and Chris can delete my stux primitives.

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