Trouble with adding new primitives.

Re: Trouble with adding new primitives.
Thanks, Jude, for your work on this.

I think that what you have created (stud4c, stud4c1, stud4c2a, stud4c2p and stud4c3) are more than studs. Since they internally reference the stud4f* primitives, which have their own stu24f* versions, these new primitives don't need low-res versions themselves, but by naming them stud* forces that. We don't have such nested references to stud* primitives at present and the level of complexity this introduces is unnecessary.

Through their use in the six official part updates that you sent me, I think they do deserve to be primitives. So, I think they would be better named something else and avoid the need for low-res duplicates. In low-res mode the references to stud4f* will use the stu24f* files anyway.

I will rename these new primitives to stux4... (stud extended), delete the stu24c* files and update the official updates that you sent.

Can anyone verify the underside of 30072? Does this have plain ribs or "+" ribs? If the latter, this should be re-worked to use these new primitives.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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