LDView64 and rendering submodels

LDView64 and rendering submodels
Is it only me or...? At first I thought LDView was making an April joke, which was almost a bit funny too. The thing is, if you have more than one copy of a submodel, LDView will render all of them a bit smaller. And - the more you have, the smaller all of them get! Smile

I tried this with the 64bit versions of 4.2 Beta 1 (downloaded from SF) and that I had previously compiled for 64bit. The 32bit version of does not show this behaviour.

Steps to reproduce - make a model with one simple submodel (a 1x1 brick is enough), copy the submodel 4 times or so into the main model, and see what happens. Then double the amount of the submodels and press F5 in LDView.
Or download the model attached to this message.

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