LDCad 1.2 Public Alpha 1

Re: LDCad 1.2 Public Alpha 1
Hi Travis,
Sorry, I'm not home now, so I don't have examples at hand...
Quote:My LDView bug is that if the two triangles ARE co-planar, LDView doesn't treat them properly, and ends up producing very bizarre smoothing results.
...but basically, yes, it's the problem. For a structure like this tube, it results in a weird twisted look. Creating "virtual" condlines in planar areas will definitely improve smoothness of many parts! I have been tempted so many times to introduce condlines in planar areas to avoid this kind of problems...
Quote:(.02 for each of the x,y,z components of a normalized vector wasn't quite loose enough; .1 caused excessive smoothing)
Do you have a rough value of facets angle that will trigger this smoothing? Presently Edger2 defaults to create condlines above 0.1°. If I set the correct default value, "virtual condline" will do the smoothing job below the threshold, and real one will do above.
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