Decreasing poly count on models

Re: Decreasing poly count on models
Tim Gould Wrote:With ldraw 'better' depends a lot on perspective. The file format and large parts library maintains backwards compatibility to the 90s. It's also hand editable. It's also highly portable.

Where it does fall over in matching with modern 3D standards. But to change that in the way you'd like we'd need to alter the entire parts library, all the techniques and technology written for part design, and entirely break backwards compatibility.

Or to put it another way, what is good for a renderer is not necessarily good for any of the other tasks of the file format.


Yes i understand the motivations. Still i think something should be made in that direction. It doesn't have to break compatibility, just like BFC extension didn't. A good normal support extension would make many ldraw quirks obsolete and solve many current "bugs" such as mismatching half curves, weird minifig heads and such.

Btw, while backward compatibility is important, there is a moment when you have to draw a line and drop all 20 years old legacy that holds back, all softwares do that. I'm not suggesting to do that now, after all i'm just the last arrived here, i don't want to look arrogant Smile

Also we are going off topic, eventually we can discuss this on another thread Smile
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