Decreasing poly count on models

Re: Decreasing poly count on models
That's an interesting algorithm, i tried to come up with something similar..
So if i understood correctly, basically you sit on every face of the model, and look up the normal. if you see any "blue", that means the face is also visible from the "blue" (so must be kept), otherwise if you see only white, you can conclude you're an inner face and can be removed.
One thing that came in mind is how you compute the "point of view" mesh. In the simplest case, it could be a sphere enclosing the whole mesh, am i right? But i feel that it's more complex than that. If you have a convex model, there can be points that are never visible from the "outside sphere", but are still on the surface, and you could possibly see it "navigating inside" the model.

The only other problem is performances (it should render a frame for each face in the model), but of course the whole algorithm can be precomputed beforehand so not really a big deal.

Have you implemented anything yet ?
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