[LSC Request] End of header meta command

Re: [LSC Request] End of header meta command
You already answered yourself Smile and you are right.

This whole think is not worth talking about in my eyes because it only effects the library parts.

I had to deal with this in DATHeader and also in MPDCenter.
DATHeader is, AFAIK, the first application that dealed with the header. All other application needed to just ignore this, as there is only one information of interest !LDRAW_TYPE for displaying.
Let us keep things simple. If a user build a new part he might use the official header, but I doubt.
So you can't relay on such a tag in your code if you divide the header and the body.
For MPDCenter I also had to add some more meta commands to be knows as body portions to let the header editor work there as well. Therefore i added there a special file called BODY_META_COMMANDS that is editable by the user.

So you end up for sure in detecting all those possibilities and now we add one more. Does not make sense to me as the only effect is that the first real body documentation _might_ be visible to the user.
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