[Thoughts wanted] Parts.xml - xml improvement on Part.lst

Re: [Thoughts wanted] V3 - Parts.xml - xml improvement on Part.lst
My intend, as i created such a xml database was the pure wish of the beta tester of LDFind to have the header information from the choosen part quickly displayed. As this database is currently at place stored that belongs to LDFind please go ahead and choose the format that you prefer. The xml that LDFind creates are not meant to be used in an editor, as they are purely "only" the compressed information from the files in the library and the other pathes you define in LDFind. If you change something in this xml file it only is valid until the next "Recreate Library".
So human readability is no option for me at all. Increasing reading speed and reducing filesize is my goal and nothing else.
The data stored in that file should also be minimized to the really needed for the user and of course for the application.
Currently I do not see a benefit to show the BFC state of the file nor that an application need that information in the database. I might be wrong on this.

This will be the format on release, as all for LDFind necessary informations are in that structure.
<FileEntry Description= Author= Filetype= IsOfficial= Keywords= Category= FilenameWithPath= FileDate= NameEntry= >

Future implementations might use also another library (an official one). As long as the above noted informations are in that file I can work with that.
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