[Thoughts wanted] Parts.xml - xml improvement on Part.lst

Re: [Thoughts wanted] V3 - Parts.xml - xml improvement on Part.lst
I've some 2 cents to add to this format suggestion:


I think that in the history the date needs to be better separated, i.e.
<history date="2012-01-01">blablablablabla</history>


I think the XML format should be minimized to be better human-readable. To me, it currently uses
too long strings. Shortening/simplification suggestions:
<PartEntry> simplify to <File> or <Entry>
Filetype="Shortcut" simplify to Type="Shortcut"
IsOfficial="True" simplify to Official="True"

I think further that <Description> is confusing and invites the user to put arbitrary text here
which better would be located in <Comments>. Thus I suggest to replace <Description> by
<Caption> or <Title> or <Name>

The syntax<BFC>CERTIFY CW</BFC> appears somewhat weird to me, a mix of LDRAW syntax with XML.
Why not use
<BFC Certified="True" Clockwise="True"/>
or, shorter,
<BFC Cert="True" CW="True"/>
here? Why carry over LDRAW syntax into the XML?
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