[Thoughts wanted] Parts.xml - xml improvement on Part.lst

Re: [Thoughts wanted] UPDATE: Parts.xml - xml improvement on Part.lst
Michael Heidemann Wrote:A start has been done already.
If you have LDFind on your system you will have already such a file in the path:
%user%\AppData\Michael Heidemann\LDFind\\LDrawLibraryPartHeaderData.xml

I still can't get it working. I sent you an email with the useless crap windows spit out. Could you email me a copy of your xml file.

Quote:I am open for changes to this file if they make sense.

FullPath makes much sense, as if you have the file with the same name (one is official and one is unofficial) its very easy to catch the right file. And yes that is system depending. If it is not system depending, why do we ship mklist to the user??

Good point. I'll add it Smile

Quote:The comments would be very helpful because we force the user to use it for critical information (what is missing at needs work parts)!

I think you misunderstand me. I'm not sure what comments you mean. I do send !HELP but do you mean all type 0 lines before the first type 1-5?

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