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Which "width" is used to measure tyres?
Chris Dee Wrote:The "width" should be the maximum outer width.
Of what? The tyre or the rim?

The rim to be used here is 22969.dat, "Wheel 56 x 46 Technic Racing".
Maximum width: 116ldu x 0.4 = 46.4mm
Maximum visible diameter: 2 x 68ldu x 0.4 = 54.4mm
A new name for this rim could be: "Wheel Rim 46 x 54 Technic Racing"

The dimensions of this tyre, 32998 is:
Maximum outer diameter: 2 x 131ldu = 104.8mm
Profile height is: 131 - 68 = 63ldu x 0.4 = 25.2mm
Maximum width of rim (same as above) = 46.4mm
Maximum width of tyre: 76ldu x 2 x 0.4 = 60.8mm

A new name for this tyre would be...
if we use "max rim width": "Tyre 46.6/ 60 x 54 Off Road"
or, if we use "max tyre width": "Tyre 60.8/ 50 x 54 Off Road"

My opinion is like this:
(width_(mm) x rim_diameter_(mm) [optional qualifier])
"width" means "maximum rim width" in mm (without decimals)
"diameter" should be without decimals, unless it is below 10mm, then one decimal

(width_(mm) / profile_as_%age_of_width x rim_diameter_(mm) [optional qualifier])
"width" means "maximum tyre width" in mm (with one decimal)
"profile" should be rounded up to the nearest ten
"diameter" should be without decimals

Should both tyre and wheel use the same definition of "width", or should they have different definitions?
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