Export of .mpd to single 'stand-alone' .ldr file ?

Re: Export of .mpd to single 'stand-alone' .ldr file ?
Thanks Roland for the prompt reply.

I took a look at MPDCenter - not heard of it before - but doesn't seem to do what I need.

I think I have to start at the 'deepest' nested model and work backwards ?

So if I start with

Model Depth 0
--Sub Model 1 (Depth 1)
----Sub Model 1a (Depth 2)
--Sub Model 2 (Depth 1)

The 1st step is to 'merge' Sub Model 1a (at Depth 2) with Sub Model 1 (at Depth 1)

So I end up with:

Model Depth 0
--Sub Model Depth1 (now including parts from Sub Model Depth 1a)
--Sub Model 2 (Depth 1)

The merging of X,Y,Z I can handle - its the matrix math where I struggle.

It's been a month or so since I looked at this last - now coming back to it for another go...

If the submodel is a single dat file (unlikely) then I can get it to work (I think) but if the submodel has multiple parts (very likely) these child parts are not transformed by the 'parent' line because they are potentially offset from the parent position. i.e. if you transformed each dat file in the submodel by the parent line you don't get the correct result....

I think this is because the parent line is effectively the rotation centre (or 'pseudo' origin) for the child model...
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