Texture mapping experiment

Re: Texture mapping experiment
In the general case, I agree with you... even though color calibration is a VERY complex matter, involving scanner, screen, rendering software, etc. You also have to live with real life devices, eg. here, colors are not even uniform from one end to the other end of the sticker, despite my scanner is reasonnably good (it's an Epson V30).

But for this model, stickers are stuck on same color parts, and in real life they blend very well with the substrate. Raw scans clearly didn't... Actually, several of the stickers are half red/half yellow, and are stuck on red and yellow panels to form a seamless diagonal line (see http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Helicopter-9396). Clearly color match should be perfect!

Edit - just saw Alex post... we pretty much agree Wink
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