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Re: [LDPartEditor] TEXMAP SPHERICAL (with imperfect polar caps)
Roland Melkert Wrote:On the other hand I'm wondering if the spec was ment to be used on enclosed objects, it being projection orientated and all.

One of the few places off the top of my head that I can see a use for spherical mapping would be to put texture onto a LEGO ball (like the Hero Factory mixed color shooter balls).

Roland Melkert Wrote:I'm also curious... how does it look when you map a texture on something when the outer edges of the texture don't align with ldraw points? e.g. a -60..60 deg on a 16 facet cylinder (texture should starts and end in the ~middle of a segment?)

The angle that the part author puts into the file is expected to match the angle covered by the textured geometry, so your question seems moot. Remember, textures are always applied to whole facets in the LDraw !TEXMAP extension. It's up to the author to specify correct !TEXMAP parameters for the geometry the texture is being applied to.
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