[MLCad] List of known bugs in MLCad 3.3

Re: [MLCad] List of known bugs in MLCad 3.3
Michael Horvath Wrote:1. Assign the "CTRL+A" shortcut to "Select All". This is pretty common among Windows software.

True, although I can't personally say I've ever missed having Ctrl+A functionality in MLCad, probably due to the fact that I use "Select All", "Select Same Type", and "Select Same Color" equally as much as each other, and all three are sitting right there next to each other on the Controlbar Toolbar making them accessible in a single click.

However, if you're particularly desperate for it, you can get the desired Ctrl+A functionality by modifying just two bytes of MLCad.exe (or a copy of it) with a hex editor. Let me know if you want the details (for MLCad 3.40).
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