Difference between .ldr and .mpd

Re: Difference between .ldr and .mpd
Orion Pobursky Wrote:
> LDR is an individual model file. MPD is a file
> that contains many LDR file. Basically MPDs make
> it easier to share a model that is made up of many
> files by rolling all those file into one large
> file.

From a software authorship perspective, there is no difference between files with the extensions .mpd, .ldr, and .dat. They are all valid LDraw files, per the specification, and they all might contain multiple submodels.

Historically, MLCad has saved files containing multiple submodels (MPDs) with a .mpd extension, and files with a single model under a .ldr extension. Bricksmith on the Mac has always created all new files with a .ldr extension. Both editors ignore the extension when opening files.

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