Modifying a part currently on hold

Re: Modifying a part currently on hold
Thanks for the info, I'll try to fix the remaining issues and restore the header

The warped quads are a pain, because the tread shape is all manual (almost no math involve, or at least I don't know what the math should be). A tool too fix them automatically would be great, but does LETGUI work on linux?

About the missing conditional lines, I didn't add them in concave sections, are they needed there too? Any other place where they're missing? (The quad non-planarity may be causing an issue with some lines at some orientations too, i guess.)

The mismatch between the subpart and the central cylinder may be difficult to solve satisfactorily, the vertices don't come at the same positions as those of the cylinder... Or do you mean the actual edge lines? Those I calculated with simple trigonometry, so they should be right within rounding error, unless I did some mistake (entirely possible)
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