Bricksmith 2.6: Texture your world

Bricksmith 2.6: Texture your world
[Image: icon32.png]

Bricksmith 2.6 adds the following features:
  • Supports planar textures (LDraw TEXMAP language extension)
  • Select multiple parts by dragging a rectangle around them
  • Part Browser improvements:
    • Source-list UI
    • Part Browser search scope buttons for choosing all parts or selected category
    • Improved text-matching algorithm for search
    • Recognizes and searches !KEYWORDS in parts
    • Identify and categorize alias parts, and exclude them from searches
  • New option for turntable-style model spinning (in which the model can't be rolled on its side)

  • Substantial improvements to the handling of neighboring file references
    • Referenced neighbor files can be opened and edited; changes seen in parent document
    • Submodels in neighboring files will be drawn correctly
  • New duplicated parts are inserted into last step instead of current one
  • Document autosave

  • Option-wheel (or just wheel) to zoom
  • Command-Shift-C for color palette
  • Removed nonstandard Officiality setting for models
  • Speed improvements for models with many submodel references
  • Speed improvements while hovering mouse over model

It also fixes the following bugs:
  • Fixed crash on 10.7+ when closing windows or viewports
  • Step display won't change the view rotation unless the step specifies it
  • Pan-dragging is not affected by perspective distortion
  • Zooming gesture locked in when view is orthographic; no interspersed rotations are permitted (prevents view from changing to perspective)
  • Allow leading whitespace in any line
  • Fixed primitives failing to be drawn in new submodels
  • Fixed certain hang situations
  • Avoid accessing Address Book to avoid scare dialog on 10.8

Bricksmith 2.6 has been a long time coming, but I think you'll agree there are some fantastic new features in it.

I am especially happy to announce that Bricksmith supports the new texture LDraw meta command! I am really excited to see this feature supported in an editor, and I hope to see some great new pattern parts soon. In Bricksmith 2.6, texture support is limited to planar textures only. I also don't currently support nested textures, and the drawing code has not been optimized. Lastly, there is not yet a GUI for adding the texture META. Obviously, these are all features slated for a future release. In the meantime, enjoy this TEXMAPped part:

[Image: LDraw2012-10-30_texmappedMayanWall.png]

I would also like to extend a special thanks to Ben Supnik, who contributed code for several of the great new internal features. Ben's work included the drag-a-rectangle-to-select feature and the neighbor file improvements, among others.

Bricksmith now requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and may be download it at <>.

Allen Smith
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